Security Systems

Security Systems help to manage risk by deterring intruders and potential threats. At Inside Out Security, we specialise in creating tailor designed systems to address your concerns and requirements. Working with both Commercial Security Systems and Home Security Systems, we ensure your property is equipped with a functional, responsive and reliable security solution.


Alarm Monitoring is one of the best ways to deter offenders from breaking into your property and can reduce the amount of time an intruder spends inside your premises.


Allianz Australia indicates the financial benefits:

“Alarm Systems are a good line of defence to protect your home and contents. In addition, premium discounts on home contents policies are available to Allianz customers that voluntarily install a back to base alarm.”


According to Queensland Police your security alarm system should:

“Include at least three detectors for an average low set home and five detectors for an average high set home.

Systems should also include an internal siren and an external siren with a strobe light (with 24 hour battery back-up).

Finally, all systems should have anti-tamper switches on the siren, control panel and detectors and include a ‘user-friendly’ keypad.”

Home/Small Business Security Systems

Inside Out Security can offer you and your family peace of mind. With 24/7 Alarm Monitoring your home has an extra level of protection even when you are not there. As a specialist in home security, iOS understands that all homes are unique and as such offer a suite of different products to help not only protect your home but offer modern convenience.

Bosch 6000

Bosch Solution 6000 Access and Intrusion alarm panel offers an extensive feature list including integrated proximity, numerous wire free options, high speed windows programming software and the simplest user / installer interface on the market today.

  • Up to 144 zones
  • Up to 256 users
  • Up to 16 access doors
  • Up to 37 outputs available
  • Full text menu display for programming & user control

Commercial Security Systems

Our Business Security Systems with security monitoring help protect you, your employees and your assets against intruders, fire and other types of property damage. Our Security Systems can also be set up to keep unauthorised people or personnel from accessing secure areas of your business. This Access Control function can also be used to keep track of personnel who enter your business out of regular trading hours such as cleaners.


IR Integriti

Inner Range Integriti offers powerful and flexible security and intruder detection capabilities in a very affordable package. Integriti delivers full coverage and reporting of security detection points, offering advanced single site or multi-tenancy monitoring for up to 250 areas. Support for special duress, panic and hold-up functions is provided and connection with a vast range of wireless or wired detection devices is possible.

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